Jessica Shi

I am a third-year PhD student in computer science at the University of Pennsylvania, advised by Benjamin Pierce and Andrew Head. My research interest is proof assistant usability. I am a member of the programming languages group.

I completed my bachelor's degree at MIT, where I double majored in mathematics and computer science. I benefited from the undergraduate research program, including and especially as part of Saman Amarasinghe's compilers group.

I can be reached at



Foundations for Proof Deautomation in Coq
in progress

Towards a Science of Interactive Proof Reading
Jessica Shi, Benjamin Pierce, Andrew Head.
PLATEAU 2023. [pdf]


Internalizing Indistinguishability with Dependent Types
Yiyun Liu, Jonathan Chan, Jessica Shi, Stephanie Weirich.
POPL 2024. [pdf]

Etna: An Evaluation Platform for Property-Based Testing (Experience Report)
Jessica Shi, Alperen Keles, Harrison Goldstein, Benjamin Pierce, Leonidas Lampropoulos.
ICFP 2023. [pdf] [code]



Haskell (CIS 1904)
instructor: Spring 2024, Spring 2023.

REPL’s Software Foundations
co-instructor: Summer 2023.

Software Foundations (CIS 5000)
teaching assistant: Fall 2023, Fall 2022.


Elements of Software Construction (6.031)
teaching assistant: Spring 2021, Fall 2020.
lab assistant: Spring 2020.

Introduction to Computer Science (6.0001/2)
lab assistant: Fall 2019, Spring 2019.


I was a junior faculty member in 2019 at the Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics, a program for high school students. I taught classes on group theory and linear algebra.